We are a fashion online retailer specializing in handbags and purses. Since our products are sourced from several well-respected fashion houses, we carry all types of fashionable merchandise designed to fit the perfect occasion. Fashion is our industry, and has been our passion for the past fifteen years. Our experience covers the entire supply chain from manufacturing to retail, wholesale, sales, and marketing. Therefore, our connections and experience in the fashion business successfully enables us to identify great products at substantial savings for you to enjoy.

We understand the fashion world is constantly changing; every season, talented designers introduce new styles. For each new line of clothing, thousands of handbags, purses, shoes, and accessories are produced around the world. Navigating through the multitude of products and latest fashion is not only time consuming, but can be quite confusing at times, not to mention expensive.

DodoVici is here to serve you. No need to read various fashion magazines to keep up with the latest look. Our handbags and purses represent the latest style and fashion, without straining your wallet.

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The process is Easy: just E-mail us a picture of your outfit(s), and DodoVici will recommend the perfect handbag(s) and purse (s) to complement your outfit. Our philosophy is not to provide good customer service, but excellent customer experience and satisfaction. Our goal is to earn your trust and maintain it, and DodoVici will not settle for anything less.

Let us begin the exciting journey through our store. We encourage you to browse our products and shop with confidence. We invite you to create an account with us; or simply shop as a guest.

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